20 Dollar Dinner

Cookbook/The $20 Dinner

The big fat backyard barbecue guide Article

Atlanta chefs share their favorite summer recipes and teach us how not to f&*k up a cookout

$20 Dinner with Chef Ahki Article

The plant-based chef to the stars cooks up a healthy vegan meal for less than $20 | more...

$20 Dinner with Hannah Chung of Simply Seoul Kitchen Article

Atlanta’s kimchi queen creates a heartfelt Korean meal on a budget

$20 Dinner with Virginia Willis Article

Soon after publishing her fifth cookbook, the Southern chef and author prepares a healthful feast in her Vinings home

$20 Dinner with Jarrett Stieber Article

Eat Me Speak Me’s chef cooks up a laid-back, local meal on a budget

$20 Dinner with Zeb Stevenson Article

Parish’s chef cooks up a family meal full of Midwestern memories

$20 Dinner with Steven Satterfield Article

Doubling farmers market dollars with Wholesome Wave Georgia and the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program

$20 Dinner with Kevin Ouzts Article

The chef behind the Spotted Trotter cooks up a meaty holiday meal on a budget

$20 Dinner with Asha Gomez Article

Cardamom Hill’s chef cooks up a life’s worth of flavor on a budget

$20 Dinner with Hugh Acheson Article

The celebrated chef shares an accessible meal on a budget

$20 Dinner with Angus Brown Article

Octopus Bar’s executive chef creates one last meal and bids farewell, for now

$20 Dinner with Drew Belline Article

The simple pleasure of rustic Italian with the chef of No. 246

$20 Dinner with Zach Meloy (1) Article

Dining on a budget: Recipes and receipt

$20 Dinner with Zach Meloy Article

The chef behind the PushStart Kitchen and the art of making something from nothing

$20 Dinner with Guy Wong Article

The chef behind Miso Izakaya plays with Japanese and Southern influences. Just don’t call it fusion.

$20 Dinner with Shaun Doty Article

Yeah! Burger chef recalls the European and Southern styles that made Shaun’s a favorite

$20 Dinner with David Sweeney Article

The Dynamic Dish founder talks clean and healthy food with the ‘true urbanite’ in mind

$20 dinner with Robert Phalen Article

One Eared Stag’s roguish chef shows his improvisational chops

$20 dinner with Linton Hopkins Article

Restaurant Eugene’s celebrated chef finds the world in Southern cuisine

$20 Dinner with Kevin Rathbun Article

Humble attitude and sophisticated style come together in Rathbun’s kitchen

$20 Dinner with Carvel Gould Article

Canoe’s executive chef evokes history on her plates and in her home

$20 Dinner with Ryan Smith Article

Empire State South’s chef takes it slow with tripe and pig ears

$20 dinner with Gerry Klaskala Article

Aria’s chef demonstrates the art of fine dining at home

$20 dinner with Todd Ginsberg Article

Bocado’s chef shows off his affordable Thai chops

$20 dinner with Hector Santiago Article

Pura Vida chef shows how to make a table full of tapas for less than $20

Kitchen Witch - A parting gift Article

Kitchen Witch gets on her broom and flies...

Kitchen Witch - Get more from your mash Article

Polpettone di Patate e Fagiolini

Kitchen Witch - Recipe for a crumby morning Article

(Pennsylvania) Dutch Crumb Cake

Kitchen Witch - Southern biscuits for a Yankee girl Article

Hot Crusty Buttermilk Biscuits

Kitchen Witch - Bacon and eggs for dinner Article

Spaghetti alla Carbonara

Kitchen Witch - Full-circle mush Article

Polenta with a Spicy Tomato Sauce

Kitchen Witch - Cranky for curry Article

Chicken, Lemongrass and Potato Curry (Ca-Ri Ga)

Kitchen Witch - The way of dal Article

Masoor Dal

Kitchen Witch - Happy New Year, now eat your greens Article

Wilted Tatsoi with Mustardy Vinaigrette

Kitchen Witch - Winter wonderland fare Article

Spiced cocoa and black pepper-chocolate cookies

Kitchen Witch - Mmmmmm ... pancakey Article

Pumpkin Pancakes

Kitchen Witch - Homemade Lollipops Article

When suckers were good

Kitchen Witch - Have your pie and celiac, too Article

Nearly Normal Gluten-Free Flour Mix™

Kitchen Witch - Fruitcake Article

The sequel

Kitchen Witch - Tea ceremony Article

How to brew tea the right way

Kitchen Witch - The whole root and nothing but Article

Mashed Red-Curry Sweet Potatoes and Ad Hoc Sweet Potato Greens

Kitchen Witch - Bargain roasting Article

Slow-roasted tomatoes

Kitchen Witch - In a pickle Article

Ed McFarland’s Pickles

Kitchen Witch - Tricks are for cooks Article

M.F.K. Fisher’s ‘Shook Potatoes’

Kitchen Witch - Okra pancakes Article

Tastes like okra

Kitchen Witch - Amazing All-Purpose Viet Marinade Article

The secret is in the sauce

Kitchen Witch - Fried Green Tomatoes Article

Green with tomato envy

Kitchen Witch - Asiah’s Eggplant Curry Article

Falling for eggplant

Kitchen Witch - Potato gnocchi Article

Summer insanity

Kitchen Witch - Summer’s sandwich Article

Chocolate Ice Cream Sandwich Cookies

Kitchen Witch - Creole Stuffed Tomatoes Article

Summer, New Orleans style

Kitchen Witch - Sesame burger buns Article

Patriotic bun baking

Kitchen Witch - Garlic-scape pesto Article

The great scape

Kitchen Witch - Chef Frank Brigtsen’s banana bread pudding Article

Pudding to jog our New Orleans memory

Kitchen Witch - Lemon Cupcakes With Milk Chocolate Frosting Article

Saving the world, one cupcake at a time

Kitchen Witch - Strawberries NOW! Article

Chocolate Strawberry Shortcakes

Kitchen Witch - Onion dip without mix Article

Low sodium and carmelized onions make dip worth dunking into

Kitchen Witch - Southern fish fry Article

Classic fish-fry Fish

Kitchen Witch - Leek-and-Green-Garlic Risotto Article

Spring orgy risotto

Kitchen Witch - Soup to heal Article

Random-act-of-kindness bean soup

Kitchen Witch - Can the can for fresh ham Article

Fresh Ham Roasted With Rye Bread and Dried-fruit Stuffing

Kitchen Witch - English Muffins Article

Recipe helps you get the nooks and crannies all by yourself

Kitchen Witch - Chico’s chicken enchiladas Article

A comfy Mexican classic

Kitchen Witch - Breakfast at Mardi Gras Article

Picayune Beignets

Kitchen Witch - Some help from Cupid Article

Black forest brownies

Kitchen Witch - Superbowl chaat Article

Vegetable pakoras

Kitchen Witch - On ice Article

Winter citrus sorbet

Kitchen Witch - Tropical winter Article

Thai-style pineapple salad

Kitchen Witch - Improvising chili Article

Turkey chili

Kitchen Witch - The cutest crib on Candy Cane Lane Article

Gingerbread house dough and meringue royal icing

Kitchen Witch - Enlightened Chocolate Chips Article

David’s Skinny Chocolate Chip Cookies

Kitchen Witch - Piggy Makes Good Pie Article

Miracle Flaky Lard Crust

Kitchen Witch - A twist on the holiday mash-up Article

Vegetarian causa (stuffed mashed potatoes)

Kitchen Witch - Bad news calls for good apples Article

Caramel-Dipped Apples

Kitchen Witch - The real old spice Article

Classic gingerbread

Kitchen Witch - Arab flatbread (Khoubez) Article

The bread ambassador

Kitchen Witch - Greek greens and sweet onion pie Article

Spinach plan B begins with a ‘C’

Kitchen Witch - Wok much? Article

Aromatic vegetarian fried rice

Kitchen Witch - Cookies for life Article

Lulu’s cookies

Kitchen Witch - Culinary coming of age Article

Spaghetti sauce and meatballs

Kitchen Witch - The pesto pinch Article

Basil pesto

Kitchen Witch - I heart okra Article

Freestyle okra-tomato saute

Kitchen Witch - Garlic-o-rama Article

Oh, Baby! Prosciutto-Wrapped, Roasted Garlic, Feta and Rosemary-Stuffed Bellas

Kitchen Witch - Going with the grain Article

Sarah’s Southwestern Quinoa Salad

Kitchen Witch - Lulu’s blue cakes Article

Blue Corn Blueberry Pancake

Kitchen Witch - Summer Rolls on Article

Democracy-for-All Summer Rolls
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