Concert Picks

Concert Picks

Article - Death takes a holiday Article

Adam Stroupe been recording Death Domain rough demos since his undergrad days at UGA

Article - Remembering Thomas Peake Article

The scene he fostered pays tribute to the former CL music writer

Article - Dillon offers buffet with Studies in Hunger Article

Atlanta-based MC defies easy categorization, leaves listeners in a pickle

Article - Leaf sends up a prayer for Jasmine Lynn Article

Atlanta singer/songwriter organizes tribute in honor of slain Spelmanite

Article - A Sunny Day in Glasgow’s pop life Article

Ashes Grammar evolves from where Scribble Mural Comic Journal left off

Tom P.’s hustle Article

To live and D.I.Y. in Decatur

Article - The community bands together to save Reactionary Records Article

Alex Knoel takes customer appreciation to another level

Article - Bobby Creekwater makes Sense of independence Article

Although he has yet to release an official solo album, the Atlanta native isn’t a newcomer by any means

Article - Skinny Puppy bites back Article

Industrial band launches ‘In Solvent See’ tour minus its new album

Article - Promoter Bob Patton kept James Brown on the good foot Article

His legacy lives on through the soul of American music

Article - The Sunglasses get Bad Happy Article

Surf’s always up for the Atlanta-based band

Article - Noise innovators Times New Viking raise the roof Article

But the basement still reigns supreme

Article - A river runs through Coyote Bones Article

David Matysiak sheds his pain on Niobrara

Article - Alela Diane makes herself at home Article

The folk singer infuses sophomore album with a sense of place

Article - Kurt Vile is no joke Article

But his ironic sense of humor permeates Childish Prodigy

Article - Why ask Why? It’s a loaded question Article

On Eskimo Snow, the indie hip-hop band continues to put on indie-pop airs

Article - Untied States goes pop without going soft Article

Instant Everything, Constant Nothing finds the Atlanta band in a rare, refined space

Article - R. Kelly recruits Atlantans for new album, Untitled Article

The pied piper of R&B can’t stop, won’t stop laying the pipe

Article - Living Rooms sounds like Animal Collective ... almost Article

But the Atlanta trio considers the comparison a compliment

Article - Black Keys’ drummer enlists four other drummers to form Drummer Article

Stick men display new tricks on Feel Good Together

Article - Thievery Corporation emerges as a strong, independent voice of dissent Article

Last year’s Radio Retaliation pushed the boundaries of electronic music

Article - Playaz Circle returns with Flight 360: The Takeoff Article

For DTP duo, this one feels like the beginning

Article - Other Sound fest takes over L5P Article

The indie fest with the catch-all lineup takes over Atlanta’s cultural left-of-center

Article - The Intelligence gets lost in space Article

Fake Surfers stargazes from a nostalgic point of view

Article - Hahavishnu has the last laugh Article

Darryl Rhoades and the Hahavishnu Orchestra

Article - Drummer KJ Sawka plays like a machine Article

Drum and bass head gives electronic music the human touch

Kervins C’s industry rules Article

I dO Music founder plays matchmaker among Atlanta’s independent musicians

Article - The second coming of Mos Def Article

The real Mos returns with The Ecstatic after a decade of playing it safe

Article - Jonathan Kane raises the brow with rhythmic blues Article

Minimalism never sounded so blissful as Jet Ear Party

Article - Metal, the gayest music in town Article

Harvey Milk and Torche share a singular sense of humor

Article - Psyche Origami lightens up with Flagship Article

Atlanta indie hip-hop trio looks to the past to find its future

Article - Nina Simone’s daughter celebrates her mother’s legacy Article

National Black Arts Festival presents a tribute to the High Priestess of Soul

Article - Method to Black Moth Super Rainbow’s mystique Article

The band’s mission is simple: Bring your own imagination

Article - Rahsaan Patterson’s higher soul power Article

‘The Kid’ from Disney channels his own vibe

Article - Eleni Mandell matures into her own teenage dreams Article

Singer/songwriter dabbles in pep and eccentricity

Article - Glen Iris’ off-kilter dynamic colors new 7-inch Article

From messy, lo-fi grooves to subdued melodies, the Atlanta trio experiments with sound

Article - Spanky and the Love Handles stay true to blues pedigree Article

Frontman Clark Vreeland extends his repertoire

Article - DJ Spooky’s ReBirth of a Nation paints the White House black Article

President Obama’s election gives new subtext to remixed version of D.W. Griffith’s classic

Article - Van Hunt takes the Emergency exit after Blue Note’s blowjob Article

The former Atlantan returns for two shows Independence Day weekend

Article - Brooklyn duo Matt and Kim don’t need gimmicks, but they use them anyway Article

Even in their birthday suits, they make a ‘cute’ couple

Article - Dead Confederate feeling festive in preparation for new album Article

Athens-based band plays Corndogorama and AthFest this weekend

Article - Those Darlins ain’t another country chick band Article

The Murfreesboro, Tenn., trio seethes with emotional twang and debauchery

Atlanta Indie Festival gives underground rap a sharper image Article

Mach 5’s Corey Davis gets his hustle on

Noot d’ Noot’s groove is in the heart Article

Cash for Gold picks up where Deee-Lite left off

Article - Wolf Parade’s Spencer Krug emerges with Sunset Rubdown Article

Dragonslayer clocks in at epic proportions

Article - Time flies when King Sunny Ade’s conjuring juju Article

Nigeria’s Afropop ambassador kicks off North American tour

Article - Detroit Cobras rev up on classic R&B Article

Garage/soul queens pair with Dexter Romweber Duo on tour

Article - Devin the Dude, a legend in his own rhyme Article

... and the Richard Pryor of this rap ish

Article - Scotty Barnhart brings jazz to the King Center Article

Decatur native releases Say It Plain

Article - Charles Walker and the Dynamites blow up the spot Article

The James Brown protege gets his big payback

Don’t sleep on Danny! Article

The Atlanta-based MC is something like a phenomenon

DJ Princess Cut Article