Food Features

Food Features

Food - Urban Vines, an Atlanta micro-winery in the making Article

For owners Rachelle Lovett and India Ramos, good food, wine, and music are a ‘recipe for good living.’

Food - Glutton at Large: Fogo de Chao Article

An ideal big night out in Atlanta

Food - The Atlanta Bagel and Lox Smackdown Article

Atlanta’s best delis duke it out

Food - Atlanta session beers Article

Chill out with these easy drinking, low-alcohol brews

Food - The future of Big Chicken Article

Georgia’s orchestrating a makeover of the world’s most popular meat. Which gamble will determine the future of chicken?

Food - Glutton at Large: Juicing Article

A look at some of Atlanta’s hottest places to juice

Food - The Turnip Truck brings the farm to the table Article

Atlanta’s indie produce distributor bets on local

Food - Fresh Look: Joli Kobe Kitchen Article

After 28 years, the Sandy Springs bistro and bakery evolves

Food - Glutton at Large: Turner Field Article

A gluttonous food crawl at the ballpark

Food - Glutton at Large: Abattoir and Floataway Café Article

Revisiting two restaurants in flux

Food - The Atlanta Manhattan Smackdown Article

Eleven of Atlanta’s best bars duke it out

Food - You are what you eat Article

Culinary medicine and nutrition education are beginning to transform health care in Atlanta and beyond

Food - Q&A with local farmer Bobby Britt Article

Talking ‘slow food’ and ‘slow tech’ with the Decatur native

Food - Chef Nick Oltarsh’s ‘Ode to Egg’ Article

One Midtown Kitchen’s chef explores a world without eggs

Food - Snapshots: Cook Hall Article

A peek at W Buckhead’s newish gastropub

Food - Georgia’s Brewed Awakening Article

Atlanta leads the charge in Georgia’s craft-brewery boom

Food - 8 new Atlanta breweries Article

The essentials on the latest additions to the local craft-beer scene

Food - The end of the world at the pass Article

How two restaurants - one in Atlanta and one in New York - helped me stop worrying and embrace Atlanta’s restaurant scene

Food - Atlanta beer experts recommend their favorite winter brews Article

Drink up to stay warm this season

Food - CL’s 2012 gift guide for food lovers Article

Atlanta chefs help you shop for the holidays

Food - Breakfast delivered Article

Jam a Lam brings the day’s most important meal to your door

Food - Q&A with vegan chef Jamila Crawford Article

On healthy eating and making vegan food ‘fly’

Food - Chef Nick Oltarsh considers collard greens Article

A most-beloved, albeit stinky, Southern staple

Food - The rise of Moscato d’Asti in Atlanta Article

Insights on the hip-hop/Moscato connection

Food - Cut the bologna, get to the cheese Article

Your guide to Georgia cheesemakers, and the best Atlanta places to find some

Food - Farmstead cheese takes root in Georgia Article

A look at local cheesemakers

Food - 40 years of Atlanta food Article

After decades of wandering in the wilderness, our food scene is finding its way

Food - BATON announces final dinner ... for now Article

As one door closes, another opens

Food - Behind the scenes: Brunch Article

One Midtown Kitchen chef Nick Oltarsh chronicles a typical brunch shift

Food - New Atlanta bakery roundup Article

A wave of independent, local bakeries are bringin’ the goods

Food - TT Coles opens up on building a better Popsicle Article

Have you seen my childhood (treats)?

Food - Q&A with Steven Grubbs Article

Empire State South’s wine director on Summer of Riesling and why he loves this noble grape

Food - Chef Nick Oltarsh’s ‘Tomato’ Article

One Midtown Kitchen’s chef reflects on summer’s favorite red fruit

Food - Ford Fry’s laid-back takeover” of Atlanta eats” Article

Featuring the chef’s growing family of restaurants and culinary offspring

Food - Fresh Look: Parish Article

Edward Russell’s touch of the new helps Parish realize its potential

Food - The Fellowship of Country Ham Slicers Article

Southern hospitality by the slice

Food - Craig Finn talks beer Article

The Hold Steady’s lead singer describes his life with beer

Food - Almost vegetarianism Article

Demi-vegetarians have their steak and eat it, too

Food - A day in the life of a food truck Article

A ride along with the MIX’d UP food truck crew

Food - Food trucking Article

On the road with Atlanta’s street food vendors

Food - Atlanta food truck roundup Article

A look at 8 food trucks on the streets now

Q&A with Michael McNeill Article

A chat with Georgia’s Master Sommelier

Food - Southern cocktail culture Article

A look at drinking trends in the South

Food - Atlanta’s urban farms Article

The local food movement grows

Food - Brunch cocktails Article

Where to drink the day away

Food - The Atlanta Fried Chicken Smackdown Article

Worthy contenders, candyasses, and the champion

Food - 9 top dishes of 2011 Article

The best things I ate in Atlanta this year

Food - Gifts for Atlanta foodies Article

From cookbooks to coffee, ideas for the eater in your life

Food - A holiday wish list for Atlanta’s dining scene Article

Besha’s letter to Santy Claus

Food - Chefs to watch 2011 Article

Five Atlanta culinary talents to keep an eye on

Food - Cooking for college: Pimp your ramen! Article

And other dorm room dinner recipes

Food - Georgia’s immigration law and the restaurant industry Article

How will HB87 impact the state’s eateries?

Food - An ode to summer produce, with recipes Article

Creative uses for onions, squash blossoms and more

Food - Use your noodle: An Atlanta ramen obsession Article

The city’s best bowls of the revered Japanese dish

Food - Top 10 dishes of 2010 Article

The best things I ate in Atlanta restaurants this year

Food Finds - San Giuliano freshly crushed unfiltered extra virgin olive oil Article

Hard pressed for a good cold pressed olive oil?

Food - Atlanta Chefs to watch in 2011 Article

A new crop of culinary stars to keep your eye on in the coming year

Food Finds - Down the Hatch Article

Fresh eggs from Manyfold Farm are a creamy dream

Food - The Angry Chef Article

Ron Eyester’s alter-ego causes an uproar on Twitter and beyond

Food Finds - Food Find: Counter Culture Coffee Article

‘Relentlessly in pursuit of coffee perfection’

Food - Through the Georgia grapevine Article

The past, present and future of Georgia wine country

Food - Resurrecting the Wrecking Bar Article

Bob Sandage rehabs Moreland Avenue’s historic building with a brewpub in mind

Food Finds - Supermarket Chicago’s Fresh Masa Article

Buford Highway market is one of the local few spots offering freshly ground masa-to-order

Food - Atlanta chefs to watch Article

Five culinary names to follow this fall

Food - Bounty Hunter Article

What does it take to make a great veggie plate?

Knife’s Edge - Richard Blais’ Knife’s Edge: Bite me Article

Intellectual property in the kitchen