Visual Arts

Visual Arts

MOCA GA preserves region’s visual-arts legacy Article

Annette Cone-Skelton leads the way

You Ain’t Wrong at Hagedorn Foundation Gallery Article

Artist William Boling probes eBay’s consumer culture

Cryptoecology: Animal instinct Article

Ruth Stanford hunts for the truth

Ringling Brothers: Ring leaders Article

Artists show a shared philosophy and school

Telling It Like It Is: Image conscious Article

Printmaker Curlee Raven Holton examines the myth of appearances

Art House: Group efforts Article

Local gallery gives the power to the people

Dark Clouds Article

Ian Teh’s photographs at Kiang Gallery

Susan Silton’s The 5 W’s Article

One artist’s way of getting us to read between the lines

Drawn out at MODA Article

Made in GA lacks smarts

Joe Overstreet: Jazz hands Article

Storyville Series at City Hall East

Outside voices Article

Melissa Stern and Charlotte Foust at Barbara Archer Gallery

Young Americans Article

Sheila Pree Bright’s latest work explores the youth of the nation

A (new) Genre Landscape: Artsy parksy Article

Public art finds funds again in Atlanta

Eye on history Article

Civil Rights images capture the moments of a movement

Digital wonderground Article

Spruill Gallery’s Breaking New Ground

Midnight in America: Kid nation Article

Marcus Kenney at Marcia Wood Gallery

Sculpture in Motion: Flower power Article

The Atlanta Botanical Garden gets movin’

Karim Rashid: Design defined Article

The designer’s amorphous shapes demand a clearer context

Sally Mann: Body of work Article

Images offer a sense of a woman, at Jackson Fine Art

All That Glitters: Razzle dazzle Article

Swan Coach House glams up

Fereydoon Family: Lashing out Article

Iranian-born artist is a fascinating hyphenate

William E. Jones: The secret history Article

Artist talks about his 2008 Whitney Biennial Film, Tearoom

Tearoom: Arresting development Article

Film series features Whitney Biennial artist William E. Jones

Eero Saarinen: Sleek streak Article

MODA exhibit displays an architect’s midcentury modernism

Hey, you’re hogging the paint!’ Article

Atlanta’s artist couples learn to share their space

Spruill Gallery: Earth first? Article

Group show lacks harmony and verve

Robert Sherer: Let it bleed Article

Kennesaw State prof’s art is colored in crimson

Jiha Moon: Peach pit Article

Saltworks exhibition offers a state of grace

Wonko: Sugar high Article

Alcove Gallery pays tribute to Willy Wonka

Dan Chung: High lonesome Article

Photographer goes country with Translations at Composition Gallery

Shana Robbins: Nature versus nurture Article

Getting down and dirty at White Spec

Marc, Constantin and Roman Chatov: A family affair Article

Mason Murer goes with the classics

The doodle dudes Article

The patterns of Andy Moon Wilson and Bean

Jody Fausett: Home again Article

New book celebrates Georgia photog’s ‘Domestic Surreal’

Joel Meyerowitz: Sea change Article

Photographer shows his affection for a lost America

Evans ‘Wisdom’ Robinson Jr.: Everyday people Article

Folk artist looks outside his window

For Art’s Sake - You’re kidding me, right? Article

Modern art, and the response to it, provides muse for new film

A Billion to One: Thinning the herd Article

Beijing photographer He Chongyue reveals a China at a crossroads

Women making movies Article

Cinema Remixed cross-cuts between artistic generations

Out of Step: Gaining an edge Article

Young Blood takes a pulse on the ‘straight edge’ scene

Visual Arts - Bearing witness Article

Images that chronicle the Vietnam War are relevant now more than ever

Plastic Makes Perfect: The ACP Toy Camera Show Article

Beep Beep exhibition shows the virtue in happy accidents

Visual Arts - Call waiting Article

Photographer Troy Bennett’s Communication Towers offers a clear signal

Marilyn Kiang: Starting fresh Article

Gallery owner starts up in new digs

Immaculate Ecstasy: Sugar and spice Article

Lisa Kemp grows up

Hollis Hildebrand-Mills: The end Article

Artist gets ready for the apocalypse, at Callenwolde

Whitney Stansell: A mother’s love Article

Visual artist remembers once upon a time

Delightful Too: Mutual admiration Article

Minneapolis artists Amy Rice and Jennifer Davis

Anger vs. invention Article

Dueling images of artistic inspiration

Santiago De Paoli: World party Article

Solo show looks for a new way

Anderson Scott: The lost world Article

Photographs explore the bizarre Land of the Nuwaubians

Frida Y Diego: The Elephant and the Dove Article

Oglethorpe exhibition examines the mysterious art power couple

Judy Rushin: Roll tide Article

Atlanta ex-pat conveys the wreckage of New Orleans

Cristina Cordova: Magic realism Article

Sculptor’s Paseantes stretches the parameters of craft

Annie Leibovitz: Eye of the beholder Article

High captures a snapshot of A Photographer’s Life

Wangechi Mutu: Piling on Article

The Cinderella Curse explores an African muse

Jazz Giants: Giant steps Article

Photographer Herman Leonard shows off his jazz portraits

Fingers + Codes: Me, myself and I Article

Eyedrum exhibition takes portraiture and runs with it

Blood work Article

The flowing art of Jordan Eagles and Barbara Wilson

Big Bugs and Killer Plants: Creature feature Article

The Atlanta Botanical Garden bugs out

Hedonism VII: Sex you up Article

Latest in series shows the hottest is the funniest

For Art’s Sake - The art of debate Article

Public art should spark discussion

Peter Horvath: Medium cool Article

Web artist’s video works embrace cinema and photography

Steven Brown: The people next door Article

Harmonic Drift portrays the young and artistic

For Art’s Sake - Sound investment Article

Atlanta might be ready to step up and support the arts

Between the Lines: Youth movement Article

At play with artists Zach Johnsen and Charlie Owens

Here and Now: Poetic license Article

Composite Gallery photography show reaches for the evocative

Lizards & Snakes: Creeping the Fernbank Article

Monitors, geckos and pythons – oh, my!

Velocity of Gesture: Making Their Mark Article

Dalton Gallery exhibition examines the artist’s touch

Play date Article

Does Design at Play celebrate culture jamming or marketing?

Contemporary contemplation Article

Three Installations at MOCA-GA

Visual Arts - California dreaming Article

The High trips its way through the art of Louis Monza

Home for the holiday Article

King’s I Have a Dream collection offers the personal touch

The unobserved war Article

Steve Mumford paints into the zone

Live & learn Article

Daniel Bozhov takes a Survey of unlikely artistic ingredients

A moment in time Article

New Work at Davis Waldron

Gods and monsters Article

Domains of Wonder shows the finesse of Indian art

Looks good on paper Article

Found and Folded at Get This! Gallery

Below the line Article

Out of the South offers a fresh perspective

A life less ordinary Article

Photographer Jason Fulford’s aesthetic is one of chance and serendipity

Polynesian rhapsody Article

Riding the kitschy wave of the South Pacific

Sitting pretty Article

Ridley Howard’s feminine mystique

That sinking feeling Article

Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition

For Art’s Sake - HubCap Article

Castleberry Hill’s status as an arts center is in jeopardy

Visual Arts - Pretty is as pretty does Article

The Sensory Foundations of Mental Life at the ACA Gallery of SCAD

Three women Article

New works at Aliya Gallery

Play Time Article

Plush at Young Blood Gallery

Containment Strategy Article

Two artists at Romo rein it in

Visual Arts - Domestic Goddesses Article

Teresa Bramlette Reeves and Lillian Blades at Sandler Hudson

Stream of consciousness Article

Beep Beep Gallery plays it by ear

Life over death Article

In his latest performance-art piece, Ben Fain skewers those who hold the key

Fashion statement Article

To a T at MODA

For Art’s Sake - Sudden impact Article

Sometimes, art is so powerful it moves us to tears

Art school Article

Linda Armstrong and Stan Woodard at Spruill

Vive le Louvre! Article

The High makes a striking French connection with its latest exhibition

Old South Article

David Yoakley Mitchell remembers a time and place

House works Article

Intimate Rituals of Daily Life at the Signature Shop & Gallery