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Fiddler’s Green Coffeehouse

Saturday February 17, 2018 08:00 pm EST
This month: Jefferson Ross and Jim Culliton. Jefferson Ross is a songwriter, singer, guitar slinger and painter who travels throughout the U.S. and Europe performing his original music and displaying his art at festivals and galleries. He has shared the stage with country music greats such as George Strait, Toby Keith, Reba McEntire and Vince Gill. Jim Culliton has performed throughout Georgia over decades with his unique high-energy blend of instrumental string music and stylistic vocals. This versatile multi-instrumentalist is one of the early innovators in the New String Acoustic Movement, incorporating jazz, bluegrass, world music, rock, and classical with occasional vocals in the mix. Presented by Atlanta Area Friends of Folk Music (AAFFM). Admission: $10 general, $8 AAFFM and 1st E. Cong. members. More information: www.aaffm.org (go to AAFFM Events) or 404-444-2334.
Cost: $8-$10

Fiddler’s Green Coffeehouse

Saturday January 20, 2018 09:00 am EST
This month: Three Quarter Ale and The Radio Rangers. Three Quarter Ale is an Atlanta-based acoustic band whose unique blend of folk-rock, traditional Celtic music, and 16th-century madrigals have enthralled a large and devoted fan base for more than ten years. The Radio Rangers are an Atlanta-based Americana band performing a mix of country, rock, folk and blues, telling stories from the American heartland. This melodic, rhythmic and energetic group appeals to young, old and anyone in between. Presented by Atlanta Area Friends of Folk Music (AAFFM).
Cost: $8-$10

Fiddler’s Green Coffeehouse

Saturday December 16, 2017 08:00 pm EST
This month: Two exciting Atlanta-based folk ensembles, Benson, Leinweber & Gewin and Redwine Jam, celebrate the winter holidays with seasonal music. Dave Benson and David Leinweber are outstanding guitarists, songwriters, and performers. Joining them will be musician and recording engineer Billy Gewin on bass and vocals. Redwine Jam is a folk music group comprised of Chris and Carol Moser, guitar/bass player Skip Romaner, and singer Brenda Lloyd. Both groups will perform traditional and contemporary Yuletide folk music from the British Isles, Ireland, the U.S. and Canada. Presented by Atlanta Area Friends of Folk Music (AAFFM).
Cost: $8-$10
470 Candler Park Dr NE, Atlanta, GA 30307
(404) 378-5570

Healium Center
344 Candler Park Drive 30307
Kashi Atlanta Ashram
1681 McLendon Ave. N.E. 30307
Iverson Park
1429 Iverson St. N.E. 30307
The Phillip Rush Center
1530 DeKalb Ave. 30307
Candler Park Yoga
1630 DeKalb Ave. N.E. 30307
CrossFit RX
328-C Mell Ave. 30307
The Health Initiative
1530 DeKalb Ave. N.E. 30307
New Church UMC
1561 McClendon Ave. 30307
Georgia Equality
1530 DeKalb Ave. N.E. 30307
The Paideia School
1509 Ponce De Leon Ave.
Wall Crawler Rock Club
1522 DeKalb Ave. N.E. 30307
Candler Park Golf Course
585 Candler Park Drive N.E. 30307
paper ghost studio
1393 McLendon Ave. N.E. 30307
Tough Love Yoga
1530 DeKalb Ave. 30307
Healium Center
344 Candler Park Drive 30307
Flying Biscuit Cafe - Candler Park
1655 McLendon Ave. N.E. 30307
Fellini’s Pizza - Candler Park
1634 McLendon Ave. N.E. 30307
1660 McLendon Ave NE30307 30307
Eat Me Speak Me
1660 McLendon Ave NE 30307
La Fonda Latina - Candler Park
1639 McLendon Ave. N.E. 30307
San Francisco Coffee - Candler Park
1660 DeKalb Ave. N.E. 30307
1404 McLendon Ave. N.E. 30307
The Mercantile
1660 DeKalb Ave. N.E. 30307
Radial Cafe
1530 DeKalb Ave. N.E. 30307
Candler Park Market
1642 McLendon Ave NE 30307
Dr. Bombay’s Underwater Tea Party
1645 McLendon Ave. N.E. 30307
Wall Crawler Rock Club
1522 DeKalb Ave. N.E. 30307
Kelly’s Closet
1649 McLendon Ave. N.E. 30307
Piercing Experience
1654 McLendon Ave. 30307
Candler Park Flowers
1395 McLendon Ave. N.E. 30307
mariemarie salon
1388 McLendon Ave. N.E. 30317
Moog Gallery and Custom Framing
1653 McLendon Ave., Unit B 30307
Indie Craft Experience
1390 McLendon Ave. N.E. 30307