Oasis Family Farm

Oasis Family Farm
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Our Mission is to live as well and full a life as possible. To love one another and embrace the differences and what they bring to the entire picture. Through treating mind body and soul as equal parts of the one. We believe all natural food and being stewards of the land to be our highest calling. Without these we have nothing to offer any future generations. We want to help others follow a spiritual path to a more peaceful way of being, and Promote an understanding that life in all its forms are Sacred. Blessed Be.

Seeds of Sound Music, Arts, and Healing Festival

Thursday October 4, 2018 12:00 PM EDT
Seeds of Sound Music, Arts, and Healing Festival fills the day with fun at Oasis Family Farm.
Cost: $50
240 Horse Trail
Sparta, GA 31087
(478) 251-2301

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