Chattahoochee Food Works

Chattahoochee Food Works
PHOTO CREDIT: Courtesy Chattahoochee Food Works
Chattahoochee Food Works is located inside The Works, an 80-acre mixed-use development in northwest Atlanta. It is a project of Bizarre Foods host Andrew Zimmern and Robert Montwaid of Gansevoort Market in New York City. There are 31 stalls in the new food hall. Other open stalls at Food Works feature Thai cuisine, Vietnamese banh mi, pizza, South African fare, pastries, soul food, sushi, ramen, and bubble teas, with more to open throughout the summer. There’s also booze, lots of booze. Honestly, I love the place and expect the food to improve when the huge crowds dissipate. That’s another plus here: The employees are super-nice despite their imminent metamorphosis into zombies at the hands of the food-grubbing rabble. - Cliff Bostock, July 2021
1235 Chattahoochee Ave NW
Atlanta, GA 30318