5 Play: Kid Cudi and Raury hang in Inman Park, plus photographic proof that OutKast is home

ATLast weekend jams

Raury and Kid Cudi talk with fans at 3 a.m.
A couple of days ago, Raury called me and said he was going to be answering fan questions the morning of his opening performance for OutKast. The catch? The meet and greet would take place at 3 a.m., somewhere in or around Little Five Points, and Kid Cudi would be there. So, nine hours ago I hit up the corner of Euclid Ave. and Hurt St. (more so Inman Park than Little Five), where Raury and Cudi stood on a playground, in the middle of a circle surrounded by about 60 kids. It was actually closer to 4:30 a.m., and the two OutKast #ATLast Saturday openers answered questions on everything from dealing with folks referring to them as "crazy" to Cudi taking moments to educate Raury on the "vultures" who would try to "suck all the good" out of his music. Oh, and there was a competition to see which artist could reach the highest point on a swing set; pretty sure Cudi won.

Rome Fortune — "One Time For" (Video)

Stop sleeping on Rome Fortune! The man with the green beard dropped the visuals to go with his Four Tet-produced jam, and it features cameos from iLoveMakonnen, and plenty of Molly-popping, festival-going ladies. The track is from Rome's forthcoming Small World EP

Abra — "Needsumbody" (Video)

At our Best of Atlanta party earlier this week, I ran into a guy name Morian Thomas, the man behind Awful Records. They're the home of Father ("Look At Wrist") and a young woman by the name of Abra. Thomas insisted that I go check out the video for Abra's track "Needsumbody," and I found myself intrigued, confused, and genuinely entertained the by the visual mix of what looks like grainy handycam footage intercut with actual high-quality camera shots. Look out for more from Awful Records. Just don't judge them by the name.

Trinidad Jame$ and Goldyard "Fone" home

Goldyard has been steadily putting out new material as their Fuck Culture 2EP approaches. This collaboration with Trinidad Jame$ is no "Briknik," but still cool and worth a listen. We've got another Goldyard video premiere coming around the corner, so be on the lookout for that.

OutKast #ATLast Day 1 Photos

For those of you with serious FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), our Photo Editor Joeff Davis has an OutKast #ATLast photo gallery up for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy.

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