REM and Tom Waits are alive and free

Free downloads of live recordings from Georgia's REM and Tom Waits.

The Free Song of the Day at Amazon.com for Oct. 15 is an MP3 of "These Days" by REM. Originally recorded on Lifes Rich Pageant, this is a live version from the Athens, Ga. band's new album, Live at the Olympia, recorded in 2007 and due for release on Oct. 27.-

Speaking of free downloads of new live recordings, Tom Waits is offering an eight-song preview of his new live album, Glitter and Doom, including versions of the pirate-y "Singapore" from Rain Dogs and the concussive "Goin' Out West" (which one may recall from the Fight Club soundtrack). The tunes date to the Glitter and Doom tour of 2008.

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