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JETS TO BRAZIL — Jets don't roar anything like singer/songwriter Blake Schawarzenbach's first band, the punk-pop-grunge Jawbreaker, opting instead for an unusual and oddly affecting low-key mix of Cracker and late-period Beatles. While the introspective piano-based ballads threaten a move into smarmy Lennon/Elton territory, their new album floats on subtly oblique melodies and casually emotional vocals that definitely grow on you. Echo Lounge (Horowitz)

THE LIMIT — Solid and honest if occasionally lacking in sophistication, the Limit performs wide-open rock, borrowing a few compositional clues from the free-spirited energy of Pearl Jam's Ten period. While vocalist Mark Daniel often pulls out the Vedder-esque long, dramatic baritone, this sonically-thick trio stamps their compositions with a sense of individuality. Somber Reptile (Hutchinson)

MICKLE-A-DO — It's Celtic Tuesday at the Attic tonight, featuring local emerald ensemble Mickle-A-Do playing jigs, pub anthems and a mixture of rollicking traditional and contemporary tunes. Following their set will be a Celtic Music Session, open to the audience. Eddie's Attic (Smith)

BILLY'S: Bluesrock Jam

BLIND WILLIE'S: Houserocker Johnson & The Shadows



CHURCHILL GROUNDS: The Jam Session with Danny Harper

DARWIN'S: Slim Fatz

THE EARL: Butterfield 8 presents Ladies Night

ECHO LOUNGE: Jets to Brazil, The Love Scene

ECLIPSE DI LUNA: Trio Latino Band

EDDIE'S ATTIC: Celtic Night with Mickle-a-do

1848 CAFE: Blackgrass Blues


40 WATT CLUB-ATHENS: Swim Faster, Asia


FUZZY'S: Donnie McCormick

GEORGIA THEATRE-ATHENS: Sister Hazel, Marathon

KAYA: Elevation with Sol Konfusca-tion and DJ Bruce Banner; House Arrest - house DJs including Kemit, Kevin O and J-Luv

MCDUFF'S IRISH PUB: Open mic with Vicki Salz


NOMENCLATURE: Food For The Distraught with rotating DJs Spearhead X, J-Sun, Boolicious and Hazeus

NORTHSIDE TAVERN: Mountain Jam hosted by Devon Oxford

PEASANT UPTOWN: The Steven Charles Jazz Duo

PLANETJAM COTTON CLUB: 420 Monks, Modern Hero, Propaganda, Slang Banger, Tangerine, Velure

POPPERS: Blues Jam with Bones (open mic)

SMITH'S OLDE BAR: Cosmic Charlie

STAR BAR-L5P: Funk with Romeo Cologne

VIOLETTE RESTAURANT: Jus Jazz featuring Dave Wallis, Eddie Taylor, Dan Coy, Shack Lewis, Rita Graham and Pete the bartender

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