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BLACK REBEL MOTORCYCLE CLUB, MYSSOURI — San Francisco's B.R.M.C. sound like a lost demo tape of Jesus and Mary Chain jamming with Iggy and the Stooges. Local dark-school leaders Myssouri brood delightfully as the opening act. The Earl (Ware/Sarig)

DEBORAH COLEMAN — There aren't many up-and-coming female African-American blues guitarists on the scene these days, but Coleman doesn't get by on novelty value. She's a rugged, if not terribly inventive, soloist who works hard for the money. A ringer for Joan Armatrading with a distinctive, sensual and emotional voice, her newly released fifth album adds just enough pop to push into crossover status, but not too much to piss off deep blues fans. Blind Willie's (Horowitz)

KELLY HOGAN, ANDREW BIRD'S BOWL OF FIRE — Nowhere does Kelly Hogan's talent shine more spectacularly than on stage. Recently she's been performing a Prince semi-obscurity ("The Beautiful Ones") that'll make the hair on the back of your neck stand up for a week. Former Squirrel Nut Zippers sideman, violinist Andrew Bird, has his own thing going with Bowl of Fire. The band's latest, The Swimming Hour, reveals an eclectic outfit that owes as much to Chicago indie-rock and country-punk as the old-timey hot jazz of Bird's past. Echo Lounge (Robertson)

POUNDHOUND — The solo project of King's X frontman Doug Winnick, Poundhound's comprehensively titled Massive Grooves from the Electric Church of Psychofunkadelic Grungelism Rock Music pretty much sums up what the band's all about. As in King's X, Winnick's trademark subterranean basslines and souled-out vocals take the spotlight on a thrash-heavy rock stage. Masquerade (Hutchinson)

SEVEN NATIONS — Noisy Celtic wannabes from Florida, known for endearing/alienating audiences at Stone Mountain Highland Games (blowing others off neighboring stages with over-the-top amplified bagpipes/guitars), Seven Nations keep churning out dull indie albums (eight to date) with the same lame songs on them. The jigs and reels medleys, though, finally are showing promise. Smith's Olde Bar (Falstaff)

THREE MO' TENORS — See listing for May 22. Robert Ferst Center (Sarig)

ANDALUZ: Flamenco Company of Atlanta

ANTHONY'S SPORTS BAR: Al Brock, Charlie Kinser

BILLY'S: Heather Luttrell

BLIND WILLIE'S: Deborah Coleman & the Thrill Seekers

BRIDGES: Piano with Bruce



CHURCHILL GROUNDS JAZZ CAFE: Totally Naked Jazz with Eric Vaughn, Kenny Banks, George Grier, Kebbi Williams

COMEAUX'S: Sal Gentile & Rick Bell

COWBOYS: Darrin Robbins, Kickback


DARK HORSE TAVERN : New Talent Night with ADGG, Brandy Irvons, Smash Nova

DARWIN'S: Open blues jam with Forrest McDonald

THE EARL: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Myssouri

ECHO LOUNGE: Kelly Hogan, Andrew Bird's Bowl of Fire

ECLIPSE DI LUNA: Charlie Williams (acoustic swing band)

EDDIE'S ATTIC: Open-mic finalist show with Elephant, Cameron Williams, Nathan Beaver

FAT MATT'S RIB SHACK: The Electromatics

FUZZY'S: Mike Veal

KARMA: Cream

KAYA: Wind Down Wednesday - live jazz, spoken word, poetry

THE LIBRARY: 17th Floor

LUBY'S: 96 Rock bikini contest with Southside Steve

MARY'S: Music videos with DJ Jigsaw

MASQUERADE: PoundHound, 420 Monks

METROPOLITAN PIZZA: Metropolitan Wednesdays

9 LIVES SALOON: No Fucking Excuse & guests

NOMENCLATURE MUSEUM: Reunion - featuring dark wave, ether pop and trance

NORTHSIDE TAVERN: Christmas, Jon Liebman & Oliver Wood

PEASANT UPTOWN: The Steven Charles Jazz Duo

POPPERS: Bill Sheffield



SMITH'S OLDE BAR: Seven Nations

STAR BAR-L5P: Indicators, Nillah, Weaklazyliar

VININGS INN: Ian Schumacher

VIOLETTE RESTAURANT: Jus Jazz featuring Dave Wallis, Eddie Taylor, Dan Coy, Shack Lewis, Rita Graham

WOODRUFF PARK: Melanie Massell

Contributors to this week's Menu are Tray Butler, John Falstaff, Hal Horowitz, Matt Hutchinson, Lea Keel, James Kelly, Omar Khalid, Amanda Morin, Gregory Nicoll, Rosemary Noelzine, Justin Robertson, Roni Sarig, Lee Smith and Tony Ware.

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