See & Do - Special event: MondoHomo Dirty South Festival May 14 2008

Thurs., May 22

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Photo credit: Shannon Brinkman
Mondohomo Dirty South 2008
This festival is slightly different than your usual weekend-long art market, local music, neighborhood party and general debauchery. This one is also concerned with social awareness. MONDOHOMO DIRTY SOUTH FESTIVAL leaves behind traditional standards and dedicates five days, beginning Thurs., MAY 22, to anything that is queer, independent, artistic or progressive. This year's events include tons of local queer art and music, such as Why Are We Building Such a Big Ship? (right), skateboard and graffiti demonstrations, circus performances, sporting events, corn dogs, a queer film festival, conversations about gender neutrality and equality, political activism, and an overall indulgence in diversity. Come out and enjoy the party as the spotlight shifts to all things outside of social norms. Through May 26. Free-$50. Locations and times vary. www.mondohomo.com.