Beer Issue - Your Georgia summer sixer

6 Peach State beers to drink this summer


Wild Heaven Craft Beers' Emergency Drinking Beer??
Housed within what must be considered one of the best-designed cans in the history of brew, Emergency Drinking Beer is a Pilsner-ish session ale with citrus zest and lemon grass. Those flavors will kinda quickly dance over your tongue as you down this 4 percent ABV beer, and then ask for another. It's as good for warm-weather sipping as it is for hot-weather shotgunning. Buy an extra six-pack just in case.??
Wrecking Bar Brewpub's Sea Shanty Gose??
A substantial upgrade from last year's Rosa Gose, Wrecking Bar has partnered with local salt mongers Beautiful Briny Sea to make this beautiful, tiny beer. It's light and delicious, pulling off a low alcohol level (4.7 percent ABV) and full, tart, satisfying flavor that won't wilt thanks to its wheat backbone. Of course, it's not likely you'll let it get warm, but still.??
Orpheus Brewing's Peace.War.Truth.Lie??
Peace.War.Truth.Lie (5 percent ABV) is this year's summer installment of Orpheus' seasonal Bone Tablet IPA series. Returning for the second time — although the first time in cans — in the young brewery's history, P.W.T.L. starts with a hit of mango and citrus fruit followed by a wave of tropical refreshment courtesy of Apollo, Comet, Wakatu, and Mandarina Bavaria hops. It pours a pristine, light yellow color and pairs nicely with views of Piedmont Park from Orpheus' Morningside-Lenox Park locale.??
Creature Comforts Brewing Co.'s Athena Berliner Weisse??
While Tropicália could be considered the star of this Athens producer's repertoire, Creature Comforts' Athena has quietly asserted itself as a stunning supporting character. A pillowy soft mouthfeel joins forces with a subtly tart, lactic acid bite in this 4.5 percent ABV Berliner. It's been hard to find in cans lately, but word from the brewery is that bigger batches are on the way soon.??
Terrapin Beer Company's RecreationAle??
There's a reason this Terrapin brew has made the list for the second year in a row: At 4.7 percent ABV, it's the perfect mix of sessionable (you can drink a bunch of them without falling over) and hoppy (thanks to Bravo, Centennial, Zythos, Amarillo, and Galaxy varieties). Plus, it holds the rare, new flagship status for the 13-year-old Terrapin; RecreationAle was introduced in 2013 and already accounts for 14 percent of Terrapin's annual sales in 2015.??
Eventide Brewing's Citrus Grove Hefeweizen??
The latest seasonal from these young Grant Park beer makers hit the market on June 1. Packing a banana-esque wallop on the nose followed by a gentle citrus essence delivered by Sorachi Ace hops and lemon grass, this 5.7 percent ABV German-style wheat beer practically begs to be paired with sunny days and outdoor activities. You can do both at Eventide's newly minted tasting room nestled in a charming residential area near the Grant Park/Peoplestown border.

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