Food Issue - Color chef Kevin Gillespie's tattoo

A rendering of the celeb chef's infamous ink for your coloring pleasure

Thursday October 15, 2015 04:00 am EDT

Illustration by Arabella Karamesic
?Original tattoo by Pat Carmack
?(Click here for a downloadable, printable version of the illustration)??
"The wild boar is part of a sleeve I had done of all my memories of growing up in the South. I got it before I moved to Oregon because I didn’t think I was coming back and I wanted to commemorate it. When I was in sixth grade, I went camping with two friends and their dad. We were in the North Carolina mountains where the wild boars are very aggressive and dominant. And they are at their worst at night. So we are staying in this rustic cabin with no bathroom so you had to walk about 100 yards outside to get to the outhouse. It’s the middle of the night and I have to go to the outhouse, so I take a shotgun and run as fast as I can to get there. While I am inside, something starts ramming into the side of it. It finally stopped and I ran back to the house. Just before I got to the house I could feel something right behind me so I swung around and fired my shotgun blindly. I hit the boar! He was about six or seven steps behind me and probably would have killed me. It was very traumatic for a 13-year-old! Of course this woke everyone up and the dad cleaned it and we roasted it and ate it the next day."

— Kevin Gillespie, chef/owner, Gunshow and Revival

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