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How to get the most bite for your buck in Atlanta

Thursday April 24, 2014 04:01 am EDT




How to get the most bite for your buck in Atlanta.

I have a thing for cutting coupons. Save 50 cents on a random box of granola bars? Twenty-five cents on disposable razors? A whole dollar on chewy adult multivitamins!? The whole time I’m snipping and flipping, I am crazed, fantasizing about all the money I’m going to save, patting myself on the back for being so savvy and frugal.

In a time riddled with fiscal uncertainty and looming debts, the mere thought of getting a deal or saving a few bucks has an almost euphoric effect. It’s at least as intoxicating as a fabulous meal or big night out has the potential to be. Unfortunately, dining for pleasure is often first on the chopping block when it’s time to rein in spending.

For this year’s Spring Dining Guide, our food and drink squad set out to find value in Atlanta — where to eat cheaply and still eat well. We’ve compiled lists of our favorite budget-friendly dishes, restaurants, and deals, and created an illustrated Atlanta Dollar Menu. We also asked local wine experts to share bottles worth every penny, learned how to cook on a budget from James Beard-nominated Miller Union chef Steven Satterfield, and more.

Saving money, or at least not overspending, feels great. Sharing a meal in good company feels great, too. This spring, feel doubly great and do both!

— Stephanie Dazey

CONTRIBUTING WRITERS: Stephanie Dazey, Hillary Holley, Brad Kaplan, Jennifer Zyman

CONTRIBUTING PHOTOGRAPHERS: James Camp, Dustin Chambers, Parlee Chambers, Joeff Davis, Adam Komich, Jason Travis


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