Food - 2016 Spring Dining Guide

Made in Georgia


Local food has it good in Atlanta. More and more restaurants routinely serve ingredients grown or made in Georgia, and Atlanta's beer and farming communities continue to thrive. In recent years, locally made products have grown in abundance, too. For this year's Spring Dining Guide, we decided to explore some of the more intriguing, boundary-pushing local food endeavors and the puppet masters behind them who are pulling all the strings. For instance, did you know UGA recently launched a groundbreaking oyster cultivation program in hopes of reviving Georgia's once booming oyster industry? Or, have you ever wondered how local brands end up at Whole Foods? In this issue we'll also see how a couple Atlanta businesses have fared since adding full-fledged farms to their operations and peek in on two local bakeries — one run by a celebrated breadmaker, the other by an enterprising group of Trappist monks. And, back by popular demand, we also decided to throw in an updated version of CL's Where Should You Eat? Atlanta restaurant flowchart.

If the innovators in this issue are any indication, right now is a rewarding time for the doers and the makers of Georgia. If your dream is to get in the game, ain't nothing to it but to do it.

— Stephanie Dazey, Food Editor

Contributing writers: Ashley Graham, Angela Hansberger, Brad Kaplan

Visuals: Eric Cash, Dustin Chambers, Joeff Davis, Wes Duvall, Rachel Hortman, Brad Kaplan

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