Streetalk: Should Gay Pride be held on Halloween?

Dr. Fifi: I'm okay with it. It's two gay holidays together. It would be nice to have some warmer weather, but I'm just happy to be back in Piedmont Park. It's National Coming Out day, and National coming out month in October. That has a lot of significance. A heard a lot of people are travelling to Atlanta Pride because it is in October. More people will be here.  Any time we come together as a community we're strengthened. I'd prefer June, but the fact that we get it back in Piedmont Park, it really doesn't matter to me when it is.

Ken: It's an abomination. Gay Pride is the anniversary of Stonewall. Stonewall is in June, not October. It has nothing to do with Halloween. It has to do with significant events in the Gay Calendar and significant events that happened in June. That's part of our history. We don't change history. I'm all about Piedmont Park. However, you need to honor what you need to honor, and location is not the reason we do this. I am ashamed of the Pride Committee for agreeing to this. I know people on the committee that are my friends, and I am ashamed.

Chris:  Piedmont Park would only let us to do that weekend, and it turned out to be Halloween. Having it on Halloween will inspire people to dress up more, participate more, and it will be a lot more fun than everybody sweating in the heat in June. Having it at the different time of year does not take away from what happened at Stonewall. Around the country, Gay Pride has been celebrated at different times. It makes no difference in remembering those that were at Stonewall. We always have those thoughts with us whatever month it would be.

(Photos by Jeff Slate)

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