Atlanta makes dangerous neighborhoods list - four times!


  • Joeff Davis

A website called Walletpop.com — AOL's "friendly consumer finance site" — released a list of the 25 most dangerous neighborhoods in the US based on the highest predicted rates of crime (this based on FBI data), meaning there's a higher chance of becoming the victim of violent crime in those areas.

Neighborhoods in Atlanta made the top 25, not once, but four times — making it the city with the most appearances on the list.

Carter Street (in ZIP codes 30314 and 30313 in Vine City) came in at number 5, Marietta Street (in ZIP codes 30313 and 30303, just northwest of downtown) was number 7, Richardson Street (in ZIP codes 30312 and 30303 in Mechanicsville) came in at 17 and Humphries Street SW (in ZIP code 30310, southwest of Mechanicsville) was number 22.

According to Walletpop's methodology, W. Lake St. (ZIP code 60612) in Chicago is the most dangerous neighborhood in the US.

Check out the top 25 here, or keep reading to see only Atlanta's stats.