Roswell's Rosewater Theatre closes Holcomb Bridge space

It's been a hard winter for Roswell's small theaters. Barely a month after Kudzu Playhouse closed its doors, Rosewater Theatre has announced that it will cease productions in its space on Holcomb Brridge Road. Yesterday, co-owners G. Scott Riley and Lisa Sherouse-Riley announced in an email letter that they would close the theater due to economic and personal reasons. They have canceled their 2011 shows Razzamatazz and Having a Wonderful Time, Wish You Were Her, but still hope to make theater around town in the future:

Dear Patrons, Supporters, Volunteers, and Friends,

After three enjoyable and extremely hard working years of running our own
theatre we have decided to close the doors to our space in Roswell. At the
beginning of the year we planned to try to give it another “go” but after some
other issues came to light we didn’t feel comfortable signing another long term
lease especially while the economy is so volatile. Our decision was based on
numerous reasons, the main one of course being the economy. Our lease has been
up for renewal for a number of months now and we have thought long and hard
about whether or not to resign another long term lease. After additional
research and with predictions that the economy may suffer even more this year,
especially in the arts, we felt that it would not be prudent to continue with
our own space.

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