Foam dance parties in Marietta are apparently a thing

So many strange emotions right now


Why would kids want to travel to Cancun with their senior buddies when they can just befriend the quiet kid with the driver's license and party in old strip malls? Reports 11 Alive's Chief Party Reporter Paul Crawley:

Whatever its origin, it's all the rage in many nightclubs around the world these days.

Often scantily clad dancers writhe to music as tons of foam suds pour over them.

Most of the time it's perfectly legal fun, but Marietta Police have put out a warning to parents of underage teens who're joining in, especially girls.

"There's really a lot going on that's actually very dangerous to the kids," Marietta Police Officer David Baldwin told 11Alive News.

The word on the street, according to Baldwin, is that these decadent, sudsy soirees can sometimes attract gangs, drugs, and creepers who have no qualms about taking advantage of "partially dressed underaged girls." (Expect attendance of the latter to skyrocket after they learn, from TV news, that such parties exist.)

Bottom line, parents: Know where your teenagers party. And then wear a shiny track suit, cover your face in fluorescent dye, and meet them at the event.

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