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The narrow streets and crooked lanes in Cabbagetown and Reynoldstown aren't suitable for crosstown traffic, and that suits this tiny intown enclave just fine. The rows of shotgun houses and old brick buildings once served the purposes of the massive Fulton Bag and Cotton Mill, but now they make up a charmingly dense district that's just as good for dog walkers as it is for boozehounds. Tucked behind a rail yard and adjacent to the historic Oakland Cemetery, this place feels protected from the sprawling parking lots and busy traffic that dominates so many other Atlanta 'hoods.

Things to do in Cabbagetown

Don't have your photo shoot at the Krog Street tunnel

This graffiti-scrawled gateway to Cabbagetown is constantly evolving, made of one part community message board and one part renegade art gallery. Take a walk through and appreciate the layers of paint, but don't join the throngs of people taking their Facebook photos for that "urban" look. Mock them instead.

Drink a pitcher at 97 Estoria

Much like the Cheers of Cabbagetown, this cheap neighborhood bar is a place where everyone knows your name, at least for all of the neighbors who happen to be musicians, artists, and general miscreants.

See a band in the WonderRoot basement

This community arts nonprofit organization is doing plenty of good above ground these days, but hanging out in its cramped basement listening to a loud band still feels like you're getting away with something.

Sip a cocktail at H. Harper Station

Built into a former train station, this brick-lined bar is the place to order antiquated cocktails like a Vieux Carré or Old-Fashioned. Its classic Manhattan is the best in town.

Cure a hangover at Little's Food Store

If you happen to overindulge at one of the local watering holes, there is no better hangover cure in the neighborhood than bellying up to the counter at Little's for a couple of its small burgers with cheese. You can pick up some aspirin behind the counter, too, if you still need some help.

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