Stone Mountain/Tucker Wish List

1) "Stone Mountain needs more hip and funky shops and a variety of restaurants, eateries and a beer pub. We have a large and diverse audience at ART Station, but when our audience gets out of a show in the evening there is nowhere for them to go eat, get a drink, etc., because most of the restaurants are closed." — David Thomas, 53, founder/president/artistic director of ART Station

2) "I'd like to see a greater selection of shops in downtown Tucker. My wish list includes a bread bakery similar to Alon's, a wine shop, and some higher-end restaurants like Mezza or the Iberian Pig." — Lori Laliberte-Carey, 51, stay-at-home mom, 19-year homeowner

3) "We need more sidewalks, especially on Old Norcross Road. People walk to the Walmart shopping center, and sometimes they're walking in the street. It's very dangerous." — Bob McOskar, 67, Tucker resident since 1979

4) "We're hoping that when they're pushing this town of Lakeside, that we could be incorporated in that. I really would like to see that. That would help the property values if this area becomes incorporated, where we would have our own representation, our own police force. That's why all these cities are forming their own governments now, they want more control." — Marilyn Pryor, 69, 44-year Tucker resident

5) "The one thing I would love to see in the Tucker area would be some type of amphitheater. The Main Street Tucker Alliance has done a great job rejuvenating our downtown with the work they have done to make improvements to the overall look and feel of Main Street and encouraging new businesses and restaurants to locate there. Having a venue like they have in Suwanee or even the one in Historic Norcross would be a great addition." — Ron Wilkinson, 44, 12-year resident