Smyrna/Vinings Wish List

1) "I'd love to see more community support for Campbell High School. In regards to the extra-curricular programs — athletics, music/band, etc. — I would love to see the same level of corporate sponsorships that you see at other Cobb County high schools." — Mike Thurman, 42, mentor to middle and high school students in Smyrna

2) "I would love for a Trader Joe's to be built in Smyrna. There is a Facebook campaign to get one currently." — Wendy Rutherford, 38, Smyrna resident

3) "Vinings has such a beautiful, historic background that is not being cultivated by the community. I think they need to play up the historic features of Vinings and make it a lot more attractive for people to come walk around and be entertained, and just make it more of a community place where people can come in and congregate." — Amin Rahme, 63, owner Vinings Inn

4) "One of my biggest pet peeves about the area involves CCT Cobb County Transit. There's a transfer station at Cumberland Mall, and a bus that goes directly to the MARTA Arts Center station, which I could/should/would take. However, there's no parking like at the other transfer stations. I would prefer to be more eco-friendly, but I have no good options for making that happen. — Greg Haygood, 39, Smyrna resident

5) "When people move to Smyrna they don't care who the mayor is, they usually ask, if they have children or are going to have children, they ask about the school system. And, to me, that's the most important thing about our community — that the school system remains strong. That's our biggest concern today." — Arthur Max Bacon, 64, mayor of Smyrna and life-long Smyrna resident