Ibeyi play Variety Playhouse Oct. 30

Lisa-Kaindé Díaz and Naomi Díaz honor artfully honor their past, present, and future with their latest album, 'Ash'

Photo credit: David Uzochukwu

In 2015, Ibeyi penned their self-titled debut as a tribute to the duo's father, renowned Cuban percussionist Anga Díaz. Understanding the nuanced rhythmic play of his congos and timbales is crucial to grasping the musical legacy that twin sisters Lisa-Kaind̩ Díaz and Naomi Díaz honor with their music. Ibeyi crafts idiosyncratic pop music that represents the wide scope of influences inherent in their background and personal tastes. On "Deathless,' the lead single from the forthcoming album Ash, Ibeyi evokes Bj̦rk's soaring vocals, Solange's vulnerable soul, and the rich clatter of Anga's Afro-Cuban percussion all in less than four minutes. The Song provides a perfect snapshot of how the sisters artfully play with the past, present, and future, as they capture their unique musical lineage, and transform it into something entirely new.

With theMIND. $22-$26. 7 p.m. Mon., Oct. 30. Variety Playhouse, 1099 Euclid Ave. NE. 404-524-7354. www.variety-playhouse.com.

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