Meinschaft unveils 'The Midday Sun At Midnight' video

Anonymous outfit revels in the aesthetics of hyperstimulation

Photo credit: Courtesy Haoyan of America
NU WORLD ORDER: A still from Meinschaft’s “The Midday Sun At Midnight."

When an artist remains anonymous they can do pretty much whatever they want to do anything! It forces both the artist and the audience to shift their imaginations into overdrive and fill in the blanks. Anonymity makes it difficult for anyone to make ignorant or informed assumptions about the music and the someone or something who made it. It's the power of mystery, and a powerful tool for the John/Jane Doe outfit known as Meinschaft. Who they are and where they come from isn't important.

The Midday Sun At Midnight Teaser from Haoyan of America on Vimeo.

The arrival of Meinschaft's video for "The Midday Sun At Midnight" captures the zeitgeist in a slow and swirling montage of exaggerated scenarios, hyperstimulation, clutter and colors galore. The video was directed by New York-based Alabama expat Haoyan of America, conjures a bit of alchemy in its vision of Meinschaft's survey of a Western civilization that's drowning in its own leisure class detritus and primal instincts. It's a brand of electronic music the group has dubbed "Nu World,' illustrating a fascination with the absurdity of how human minds and social interactions interphase with free range information overload.

The song appears on Meinschaft's first and only full-length, a cassette tape, title To the Victim Belong the Spoils, released today (Oct. 27) via Tymbal Tapes in the United States, and in Europe via Skrot Up.

Meinschaft plays JJ's Bohemia in Chattanooga Sat., Oct. 28, with Lacing, the Handsome Grandsons, and Shaky's Bad Knee. $10. 8 p.m.

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