WATCH: SaportaReport hosts runoff race's first mayoral candidate forum

'It will be wonderful to have a woman back in office'

A few things we noticed:

>> Norwood shouted out Beltline inventor Ryan Gravel in the first 30 seconds of her comment, likely an attempt to woo ever-important Cathy Woolard voters her way. (03:05)

>> Norwood says "public safety is number 1" when talking about her priorities as mayor (4:31)

>> Norwood says she did not say southwest Atlanta was in decline but that "their is no development of any significance there" (6:05)

>> Maria Saporta asks why Norwood hosted her victory party in Buckhead, instead of a central Atlanta venue like she did in 2009. (11:45)

>> Bottoms says you cant talk about education without talking about crime rates "when people don't have options sometimes they commit crimes" (19:25)

>> Bottoms makes the point of how important it is to work with regional partners by saying that some voters don't know Atlanta borders (21:55)

>> Bottoms responds to the awkward, yet important question: Can she assure Atlantans she won't be the sequel to Kasim Reed, and will he play an official roll in her administration? (23:35).


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