‘The Theta Girl’ serves up blood, violence, and exploitation at the Plaza Theater

Friday January 26, 2018 10:07 am EST
Director Chris Bickel’s debut feature-length film gets a sneak preview Jan. 20

A sneak preview of director Christopher Bickel’s (In/Humanity, Guyana Punch Line) debut feature-length film, The Theta Girl, brings a dose of blood and ultra-violence in the name of exploitation to the Plaza Theatre this Saturday night (Jan. 20). Written by fellow newcomer David Axe, the film was shot in Bickel’s hometown of Columbia, South Carolina, on an impressively small budget of $14,000.

The Theta Girl tells the story of Gayce (Victoria Elizabeth Donofrio), a hard-nosed and street-savvy young woman who deals a hallucinogenic drug called “theta,” which lights up an audience for her friends’ all-girl punk band, the Truth Foundation. But when Gayce’s friends turn up brutally murdered, it falls on her to find out who did it, and serve up some vigilante justice.

Along the way, it turns out that her sense of reality isn’t quite what she perceives. 

Keep an ear out for parts of the film’s score that come courtesy of Atlanta’s own invisible soundtrack masterminds Ian Deaton and Thomas Barnwell.

Check out an interview that CL Tampa ran with Bickel about all that went into making the film.


$15. 10 p.m. Sat., Jan. 20. The Plaza Theater, 1049 Ponce de Leon Ave. N.E. 678-796-6394. www.plazaatlanta.com.