Built to Spill plays Variety Playhouse April 30

Doug Martsch delivers ’90s charm while pushing the group's sound further into the future

Built To Spill (1)
Photo credit: Stephen Gere

Though still massively influential, the heyday of ’90s indie rock is long gone. Bands like Pavement and Modest Mouse have either disbanded or lost their angsty appeal to sustained success and middle age. Built to Spill, however, endures after 26 years. The Northwestern trio first garnered acclaim after perfecting a mix of lyrical longing, distorted guitars, and laid-back melodies on records such as There’s Nothing Wrong with Love and Perfect from Now On. While the group's releases from the last decade haven’t achieved the same classic status, original frontman Doug Martsch still brings the same level of ’90s charm with a level of musicianship that pushes Built to Spill's sound further and further.

With the Afghan Whigs and Ed Harcourt. $30-$130. 7 p.m. (doors). Mon., April 30. Variety Playhouse.1099 Euclid Ave. N.E . www.variety-playhouse.com.


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