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Evolution Revolution  

Atlanta is changing.

That, of course, isn’t the most newsworthy statement, but, hey, it’s true. And in recent years, these changes have been accelerating. Need proof? Just look up at our crane-filled skyline on any given day. Or, if you’ve got it like that, pop into some choice legislative chambers or corporate conference rooms to really catch a whiff of how the city’s transforming. And, sadly, therein lies the problem. The folks guiding too much of our city’s fast-paced growth and evolution are influenced more by the bottom line and less by any sense of civic-mindedness or community spirit … which brings us to this year’s edition of Best of Atlanta.

Every year, we (with help from you, our dear readers) set aside space to recognize ATLiens who are killin’ it in their respective areas of concentration. But for 2017, sporting the theme “Evolution Revolution,” we wanted to put special focus on people, businesses and organizations who are helping to manage our evolution in revolutionary ways — sustainably, with a focus on marginalized groups, while still keeping things authentic and funky. These notables are working to design a future where all of us can prosper, regardless of race, sexual orientation, income bracket or other classification.

But enough with this intro. Flip ahead and see our picks for the best the city has to offer, and along the way, learn a little bit about the personalities helping our city be the best it can be.

—Carlton Hargro, Editor-in-Chief

Carlton Hargro

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