Guided By Voices play Terminal West May 18

Robert Pollard and Co. return supporting their latest album, 'Space Gun'

Sarah Zade Pollard
Photo credit: Sarah Zade-Pollard
Guided By Voices

Robert Pollard is without a doubt one of the hardest working musicians in the history of indie rock. As the lead songwriter of Guided By Voices, Pollard has released a staggering 26 records since 1987, in addition to 22 solo records and a list of collaborations and side projects packed with enough material to make your hard drive sweat. Of course, being prolific means nothing unless the songwriting is compelling enough to keep fans engaged. Against all odds, Pollard has achieved that feat once again with the release of Guided By Voices’ latest record, Space Gun. Songs such as “See My Field” and “I Love Kangaroos” brim with the kind of infectious guitar hooks and bizarro charm that are sure to reinvigorate the most weathered Guided By Voices fans.

$30-$32. 8 p.m. (doors). Fri., May 18. Terminal West. 887 West Marietta St. N.W. 404-876-5566. www.terminalwestatl.com.


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