Material Girls return

‘Wade Into the Creek’ marks a fiery second coming for the goth-glam sextet

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Photo credit: Rick Campbell
MEAN GIRLS: Material Girls’ debut full-length, ‘Leather’ is out July 2 via Irrelevant Music in the States, and via Exag' Records in Europe.

Material Girls are the reigning ringleaders of menacing, glam-tinged goth punk to emerge from Atlanta’s nightlife underbelly, carving out a bleak and scathing ambiance that hangs in a balance of perversity and depravity. The Atlanta sextet’s latest single, “Wade Into the Creek,” is a harbinger of a thicker, full-bodied sound that opens up all sorts of new dimensions lurking in the darkness. More horns, more makeup, more variety in the group’s murky textures, and more vocals from bass player Meghan Dowlen, aka Jade Poppyfield, are in store with their debut full-length. … But more on that later. Until then, press play and let the bewitching tones of “Wade Into the Creek” sink in.


Leather, is out July 2 via Irrelevant Music in the States, and via Exag' Records in Europe.

Track List: 1. Residual Grimace
                  2. Ya Ya
                  3. Wade Into The Creek
                  4. There She Goes
                  5. Tightrope
                  6. Camera Girl
                  7. Dav's Lament
                  8. Kill After Kill 

Material Girls plays the Earl with Iceage and Empath. $14-$16. 8:30 p.m. (doors). The Earl, 488 Flat Shoals Ave. S.E. 404-522-3950. www.badearl.com.

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