Airport job fair draws crowd, praise

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Job Fair Attendees 1024x683
Photo credit: Photo courtesy Atlanta Airport
Job seekers filled the biannual Airport Community Job Fair at the Georgia International Convention Center March 27, 2018

Irene Stewart

About: Just relocated with husband from New York and saw advertisement online.
Hired as: Interpreter (Spanish)
Company: TBI
Experience at the job fair: “It was pleasant. The people are very friendly here. I’ve been able to learn about other companies that are establishing themselves.”
Looking forward to: “Accomplishing the vision of the company as well as grow and [offer] some of my skills and abilities.”

Shelia Pope

About: Atlanta native and saw advertisement on Facebook page.
Hired as: Bartender
Company: Global Concessions
Looking forward to: “Longevity and stability. I like being at the Airport. I like meeting and dealing with a lot of new people from different places.”

Soterica Morris

About: From Jacksonville (1 month)
Hired as: Assistant Manager
Company: Park ATL (ABM-Lanier-Hunter)
Experience at the job fair: “Here is definitely more involved. It wasn’t like you just gave [company representatives] your resume and hope for the best. They actually sit down with you and give you information about the job, and they leave it open for you to ask questions. It’s more personal.”
Looking forward to: “Growing with the company. I want to be able to get in there and enforce the things they have laid out. I like to train people and help people become who they want to be: successful.”

Tiah Tomlin

About: From Virginia and learned of the fair through Facebook GroupMe (job-seeker group)
Hired as: Trainer (department in development)
Company: TBI
Experience at the job fair: “It was simple. I was totally surprised. I wasn’t expecting it. I went in there to talk about customer service opportunities, and when they saw my background, they said, ‘I like you,’ [and shared information about the new training group]. Seamless.”
Looking forward to: “The opportunity to meet people from all over, different cultures and different backgrounds. I’m excited about the opportunity to be part of the team.”

Jessica Johnson

Hired as: Cashier
Company: Hojeij Branded Foods from Atlanta
Experience at the job fair: “It’s my first time at a job fair. It’s different, so many companies.”
Looking forward to: “Improving my life and trying to build to get to the next level.”