Hank & Cupcakes: Dirty and loud

The duo revels in pop-laced debauchery

HankCupcakes  Anna Haas Claudio Limon
Photo credit: Anna Haas and Claudio Limon
CHEAP THRILL: Hank & Cupcakes play the Earl June 29.

With a name that serves as direct reference to the notorious Charles Bukowski and one of his lovers, Hank & Cupcakes is raunchy and unapologetic. The duo hails from Tel Aviv and Melbourne, and their combination of distorted bass and thumping drums makes for a headstrong strain of infectious rock-pop. The music sounds like sonic graffiti, with lead singer Sagit “Cupcakes” Shir’s powerful voice wailing over top of a playfully aggressive musical backdrop. Hank & Cupcakes shine through live performance, inviting fans to join the sexy, sweaty, and keenly voyeuristic dance party.

With the Stir, and Ayo River play the Earl Friday, June 29. $10. 9 p.m.

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