Botter: Nap Costs Coffee County Man his Freedom

News Brief included in the September 2020 Blotter

STUPIDEST SNOOZE: Deputies in Coffee County, Georgia, described perhaps their easiest catch of the month in a Facebook post titled “The Early Bird Catches the Worm … Or in This Case, the Wanted Fugitive.” A young man allegedly stole a truck and committed a few other crimes. Deputies responded to a call about his suspicious behavior and started chasing him. The male suspect managed to elude the sheriff’s deputies — for the evening.

“Deputies searched the Huffer and West Green areas but were unable to find the suspect.”

Apparently, after eluding deputies, the male suspect then decided to celebrate his freedom by taking a nap. A costly little nap.

“Early (the next) morning, deputies returned to the area (where the suspect) was last seen and found him asleep in a truck off of Joe Ellis Road in West Green.” The suspect was promptly arrested, handcuffed, and charged with auto theft, trespassing, and a half-dozen other charges.

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