NEWSBRIEF: Nation's Newspapers Reflect on Atlanta Killings

A Summary of headlines from around the country capturing the shock of the Atlanta Killings. 

Headlines from the Atlanta Spa Killings:

AJC: ‘A crime against us all’: Atlanta mayor condemns deadly spa shooting spree

New York Times, March 17, 2021 8 Dead in Atlanta Spa Shootings, With Fears of Anti-Asian Bias

Christianity Today (Opinion), March 17, 2021 Religion, Race, and the Atlanta Murders. Untangling the multiple layers of today’s tragedy.

Christianity Today (Opinion), March 17, 2021 Asian American Leaders on Atlanta Murders: "I Want You to Step In" The Better Samaritan asked eight leaders what they want the church to know right now.

Washington Post (Opinion), March 19, 2021 How immigration created the America we see today

Washington Post, March 19, 2021 Atlanta spa killings lead to questions about sex work and exploitation

Christian Science Monitor, March 19, 2021 America’s diverse Asian communities unite against hate

Washington Post, March 20, 2021 Atlanta spa shooting victims highlight struggles for Asian and Asian American immigrant women in low-wage jobs. Many of the victims had come to the U.S. in search of a better life, following the difficult path of immigrant women before them

New York Times (Opinion), March 22, 2021 How Many Women Have to Die to End ‘Temptation’? The Atlanta murders follow a terrible pattern of misogynist violence.

New York Times (Opinion), March 22, 2021 Why Did My Mother and I React So Differently to the Atlanta Shootings? In Georgia, class warps the immigrant narrative.

The Nation, March 22, 2021 The Roots of the Atlanta Shooting Go Back to the First Law Restricting Immigration
The Page Act of 1875, outlawing “lewd and immoral” Chinese women, codified the bigotry directed at Asian women from their earliest migration to the US to today.

New York Times, March 24, 2021 2 Immigrant Paths: One Led to Wealth, the Other Ended in Death in Atlanta