NEWS BRIEF: Repeat offender assaulting women gets a pass from courts, police

Kirkwood unsafe for women?

Rodney Lee Stroud
Photo credit: Courtesy CBS 46
Rodney Lee Stroud has been arrested more than 60 times on charges of assaulting women in Kirkwood, but he keeps getting released from jail and allowed back onto the streets. His victims are fed up with it. “He has a continuous cycle of behavior that’s very disturbing to the women in my neighborhood, to me personally, to several of my neighbors,” Christian Enterkin told CBS News. To make matters worse, some responding officers have been less than sympathetic, the report said. The Atlanta Police Department responded, “​​We know our officers can be frustrated when dealing with repeat offenders like Mr. Stroud. However, it is unacceptable for our officers to diminish the concerns of those in our communities.” cbs46.com