NEWS BRIEF: Housing affordability ordinance dropped by zoning group

City Council ‘exclusionists’ win vote

AZ2 Lofts tower over Edgewood Court Apartments. Eric Cash For CL/2016
Photo credit: CL File
An ordinance that was meant to give Atlantans more options for affordable housing has been shelved. A 5 to 1 vote at an Atlanta Zoning Committee meeting on Nov. 29 nixed any chance of its implementation. The measure had been introduced by council member Amir Farokhi in order to provide more affordability, lower costs of production, reduce dependency on motor vehicles, and create more housing options all over the city. Farokhi tweeted after the meeting, “Today, City Council’s Zoning Cmte chose exclusion over inclusion… There was no discussion on the merits or our housing shortage.” whatnowatlanta.com