NEWS BRIEF: Doraville on the hook again for excessive fines

Doraville ticketing perverts due process

City Of Doraville
Photo credit: Courtesy Steve Glass/City of Doraville
The city of Doraville is once more being accused of relying on fines and fees to beef up its budget and pay for its operations. A federal court had ruled that the fining practices of the city were legal, but an appeal filed by the libertarian advocacy group Institute for Justice on behalf of four individuals argues the city’s reliance on municipal fines illegally motivates law enforcement and judges to levy excessive penalties. “When a defendant enters Doraville’s court, he sees a court that must convict him in order to balance the city’s budget,” said IFJ attorney Joshua House during a Dec. 16 appeal hearing. “That defendant does not receive due process in Doraville’s court.” ajc.com