Art on the Atlanta Beltline

Sun., Sept. 7, 2-8 p.m. 2014

From the venue:

Art on the Atlanta BeltLine is back with more than 100 installations. The exhibit will feature family-friendly weekend performances showcasing everything from smooth jazz and theatre to contemporary dance. o2 p.m. Zoetic Dance Ensembleo3 p.m. Black Diamond o4 p.m Gateway Performance Productions: 24 Grievanceso5 p.m. James Pete Peterson and the Blues in the House Band o6 p.m. Crossover Movement Arts: The Stories We Build Make Us Real: Adventures on the Atlanta BeltLine o7 p.m.Teri Lyric Green o7:45 p.m.Maurice Clifford, Lindsey Bolin, Alexandra Holtzer, Jeremy Nash, Arian Zarrabi: Zero Point
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Atlanta Beltline Southwest Trail Magnum
1135 Lena St. N.W.
Atlanta, GA 30314
(404) 477-3003