Peachtree Comedy Festival

Saturday June 22, 2019 07:00 PM EDT
Cost: $15- $30,

From the venue:

Categories: Comedy
The Peachtree Comedy Festival is a national entertainment event focused on the art and business of comedy. The festival will feature emerging and established comedians based in Atlanta and across the United States. The purpose of the event is to provide a platform for emerging comedians to learn the business of comedy and boost their careers as well as help established comedians improve brand loyalty and grow their fan base.
All events take place in the metropolitan Atlanta area. Early Online registration is suggested. Event venues are as follows: Tuesday, June 18th, Redlight Cafe @ 8 pm, Wednesday, June 19th, Kat’s Cafe @ 8pm, Thursday, June 20th, The Highland Inn Ballroom @ 8pm, Friday, June 21st, The Relapse Theater @ 8pm, Saturday, June 22nd, Porter Sanford III Performing Arts & Center @ 8pm.

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