The Raconteurs

Courtesy Tabernacle
Wednesday August 21, 2019 06:30 pm EDT
Cost: $59-$147
Perhaps best known for their 2006 hit, “Steady As She Goes,” The Raconteurs are making a come-back with their first release in over a decade. The new album, Help Us Stranger, is classic in its approach to the genre, bringing with it a feel for what rock can evolve to be once we take a step back and decide to let the music speak for itself. Songs like “Live a Lie” are a flashback to earlier hits of Green Day and Weezer, with garage-punk guitar riffs and shouty verse breakdowns. Other songs such as “Now That You’re Gone” and “What’s Yours is Mine” are a mix of that and something you might hear off a recent Black Keys album — a little more ’70s grunge, desert rock and less conventionality. But don’t take that the wrong way. The Raconteurs manage to accomplish something nuanced and dynamic with this banger of an album. — LM
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