Mozzy Internal

Sunday July 28, 2019 07:00 pm EDT
Cost: $50

From the venue:

Authenticity is like pornography—you know it when you see it, in the case of Mozzy, who makes music about his life growing up on the streets of Sacramento’s challenging Oak Park neighborhood. Over the last few years, he’s emerged as one of hip hop’s most essential storytellers. He raps with unmistakable patina of truth about the grinding realities of drugs, gangs and violence Mozzy first acquired national attention in 2015, when he released a series of full-lengths including Yellow Tape Activities and Bladadah. He caught the eye of a number of national outlets with his compelling blend of richly detailed narratives and hard-hitting production infused with lush NorCal funk. Mozzy’s recent features include “Seasons” (with Sjava and Reason) on the Grammy-winning Black Panther movie soundtrack and “Too Brazy” on YG’s Stay Dangerous album. He released his latest solo album Gangland Landlord in 2018 to critical acclaim.

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120 South Park Square, Suite 207
Marietta, GA 30060
(770) 628-2250