Ekphrastic Image-making in Early Modern Europe and the Americas

Saturday December 7, 2019 09:00 am EST
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In epideictic oratory, ekphrasis is typically identified as an advanced rhetorical exercise that verbally reproduces the experience of viewing a person, place, or thing; more specifically, it often purports to replicate the experience of viewing a work of art. Not only what was seen, but also how it was beheld. Ekphrasis describes the object of sight in vivid, imaginative, even hyperbolic terms, bodying it forth as something that having once been viewed, is now presently viewable or, better, visualizable, in the form of an image. For this reason, the artisanal processes of drawing, painting, or sculpting were sometimes troped as instances of ekphrastic image-making; and conversely, ekphrasis could stand proxy for the making of images in various media.
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