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Event Scheduled

Socially Distant Fest Birthday Showcase

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Courtesy of Socially Distant Fest
Sunday March 21, 2021 10:00 am EDT
Cost: Free

From the venue:

Hey hey SDF friends! Join us for our SUPER SPECIAL 1 YEAR BIRTHDAY Showcase! 3.21.21. We can't believe it's been an entire year since Socially Distant Fest started. This year was hard. For some of it us, it was the hardest of our lives. We came together, entertained one another and made new friends that feel like a family. The community here is like no other. We've loved watching the connections and love form between you all.
SDF wouldn't be what it is without you wonderful people. As a special thanks from us to you, we've put together this amazing showcase of many of your favorite artists. Y'all aren't even ready!!
We’ll see y’all from 10:00AM -11:00PM EST! Just a reminderImage :
We will be cutting off all incoming live feed for the duration of the showcase.
We will stop accepting new posts at 9:40 AM EST, and ask that anyone still performing please finish their set by 10:00 AM EST.
Live transmissions will resume promptly at 11 pm EST. Who's bringing the afterparty?!
Thank you!

Masa Rider 10am EST
Zack DeSantis 10:30am EST
Caroline Scruggs 11:00am EST
Bee Pee Em & Lord Loss 11:30am EST
Nathan & Jessie 12:00pm EST
Bergie! 12:30am EST
Minanzi Mbira Band 1:00pm EST
DJ Code P 1:30 pm EST
Reno 2:00pm EST
Jess Cantley 2:30pm EST
Mia & Alisa 3:00pm EST
Anand Vyas 3:30 pm EST
D’Andrea Pelletier 4:00 pm EST
LA Jones 4:30pm EST
Gregory L Gannon 5:00pm EST
MycKenzie Sharp 5:30pm EST
Smokestack Betty 6:00pm EST
Rockin’ Ro Evans 6:30pm EST
DJ Nickski 7:00pm EST
Nick Walker 7:30pm EST
Andrew Moses 8:00 pm EST
AnnaLee Talley 8:30pm EST
Murphy 9pm EST
Keith Cuts 9:30pm EST
Lucas Warford 10:00 pm EST
Jake and Bethy 10:30 pm EST

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