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PoundCake, Big Yen

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Courtesy of Smith's Olde Bar
Thursday June 17, 2021 08:00 pm EDT
Cost: $10-$15

Big Yen - www.bigyenmusic.com

Punk rock infused reggae, hip hop back beats, and pop melodies from the soul.

Big Yen is the artistic fruit of Charleston based musical gardener, James Frolio. A punk rock and hip-hop hippie, James’s story has a feel-good vibe with life lessons, cheeky social commentary, and being real to yourself and others.
Yen, in Chinese, means a lifelong yearning or desire. In this case, Big Yen is the strong desire to make music that truly moves people.

Big Yen features a revolving line up of Frolio’s close friends and creative collaborators;

Since performing alongside up and coming regional acts such as Of Good Nature, Feel Free, Tyler Boone, Swim In The Wild and others, Frolio comments that: “My only guarantee is that any song will have my whole soul in it.”

Big Yen’s debut Self Titled EP was released in February 2020 and was produced by Grammy award winning recording engineer, Elliott Elsey, and its single “Backflip” produced by John Shields of the rambunctious hip hop duo Little Stranger.

Hip-hop, Jazz, Reggae fusion coming to you fresh out the oven!

Hailing from Atlanta Georgia, Poundcake brings a fresh funky energy that can't be put into a box. This ensemble of ATLiens at times sounds like they could have been Mac Miller's band and yet, they bring lyrics and energy to match.

Making their live debut at Atlanta's EAV Porchfest in 2019, Poundcake is the newest breakout act from Hotlanta that puts that strong coffee in your cup.

The band has been self producing in the studio all 2020 and are taking a fresh grassroots approach to entering the music industry by releasing singles and only posting with 100% quality content. No filler.
Their debut single Coffee Vibes dropped this year and is streaming everywhere you need music that is both saturated and caffeinated!

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