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Today Monday, March 1 2021

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Concert Venues in Atlanta

Creative Loafing's list of all the concert venues in the greater Atlanta/Athens area.

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Best of Atlanta Concerts

Best Concert Venue
16 ROCK OF AGES National Tour   Jeremy Daniel, 2018
The best art exhibit in a gallery in Atlanta.

Best Concert of the Past Year


Atlanta has seen its share of great concerts in the past as evidence by the list below. David Byrne rolled into town for the 2018 Shaky Knees festival for the weekend May 3-5th and smoked it.

Best Parking at a Concert Venue
21a31 Terminal West Magnum
As part of the King Plow Arts Center, Terminal West has become the Westside’s premier live music venue, giving equal stage time to hip-hop, indie rock, EDM, pop music, and singer-songwriter fare. With its location, it is pretty easy to get in and out of the show without driving around and around seeking a spot.

Best Concert Venue Food
21a31 Terminal West Magnum
With our 2018 issue, we weighed in on the best concert venue food. The winner, Terminal West, takes pride in its food. Check out the lunch and dinner menu at the venue’s Stationside restaurant next door for plenty of fodder for vegetarians and carnivores alike.

Best Outdoor Music Venue for Concerts
The relatively roomy, food friendly natural amphitheater at Chastain feels like a walk in the park ... which it sort of is. Of course if it rains like it did for the majority of the Brian Wilson show, everybody gets wet, and those hard metal seats make life, errr, challenging during lightening storms. But on those nights when the moon is out, the music, not to mention the wine, is flowing, and the candles are flickering, Chastain earns its reputation as the quintessential open-air Atlanta summer concert venue.



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