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It’s not always easy to live car-free in Atlanta. But it’s enjoyable in MIDTOWN. The neighborhood that offers both skyscrapers and single-family residential streets also has been strongly investing in bike lanes and streetscape improvements. Bicyclists have bright-green bike boxes in Tech Plaza and lanes along nearby streets and can expect more in the coming years. Want to get to the Atlanta Beltline’s Eastside Trail? Cut through Piedmont Park and then hop on the 10th Street two-way cycle track. Live in a high-rise and walk to get groceries or celebrate happy hour with friends. And when you want to visit a friend, you can catch MARTA rail at three separate stations. (See a behind-the-scenes look at how a great park like Piedmont Park is made.) www.midtownatl.com and www.midtownatlanta.org.

Midtown Neighborhood
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