Grant Park

This leafy neighborhood boasts one of Atlanta’s grandest parks, close proximity to downtown and Turner Field, and a collection of some of the city’s oldest and best-maintained houses. While Grant Park is oddly short on retail and dining amenities, its residential streets get plenty of weekend traffic, thanks to the presence of Zoo Atlanta. Bounded on two sides by the Beltline, the historic ‘hood can have the cozy, genteel feel of a small town in the middle of the big city.

Grant Park Neighborhood
Studio Biba
290 MLK Jr. Drive
Archetype Art Gallery
Mattress Factory Lofts, 300 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, building 2, Suite 118 30312
Eklectic Art Space
Mattress Factory Lofts, 290 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive
Grocery on Home
609 Home Ave. S.E. 30312
The Wherehouse
55 Ormond St. S.E.
War Horse New York
150 West 65th Street, New York, NY 10001 10001
LP Grant Mansion
327 St. Paul Ave. 30312
Arts Exchange
750 Kalb St. S.E., 30312
Dos Pestaneos Studios
290 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive
HOBI Studios
300A Oakland Ave. S.E.
In Tune Studio
753 Cherokee Ave., SE 30315
El Progreso
1460 Boulevard S.E. 30315
327 Memorial Drive S.E. 30312
Zesto - Grant Park
1181 East Confederate Ave. 30316
Republic Social House
437 Memorial Drive S.E. 30312
Daddy D'z BBQ Joynt
264 Memorial Drive S.E. 30312
Nick's Food To Go
240 M.L.K. Jr. Drive S.E. 30312
568 Boulevard SE 30312
Chow Bing
349 Decatur St. S.E. 30312
City Limits Cafe
280 Connally St. 30312
465 Boulevard S.E. 30312
Dakota Blue
454 Cherokee Ave. S.E. 30312
The Cake Hag
501 Grant St. S.E. 30339
Just Loaf'n
371 Boulevard SE 30312
Boners BBQ
634 Fraser St.
Stone Soup Kitchen
584 Woodward Ave. S.E. 30312
The Brass Tap
790 Glenwood Ave., Suite 260 30316
Tin Lizzys Cantina
415 Memorial Drive 30312
Ria's Bluebird
421 Memorial Drive S.E. 30312
Caramba Cafe
349 Decatur St SE # E 30312
437 Memorial Dr S.E. 30312
437 Memorial Dr S.E. 30312