Candler Park

Named for Coca-Cola magnate Asa Candler, who donated the parkland to Atlanta in 1922, this neighborhood is centered on a 55-acre park and nine-hole golf course. Long a hippie enclave, Candler Park is also a family-oriented community due to Mary Lin Elementary School’s outstanding reputation. Also nestled in this neighborhood is the Lake Claire Community Land Trust, a green sanctuary that is open to the public complete with trails, gardens, and weekly drum circles. With its small strip of boutiques and casual eateries, Candler Park remains one of Atlanta’s more laid-back and quirky neighborhoods.

Chandler Park Neighborhood
Healium Center
344 Candler Park Drive 30307
Kashi Atlanta Ashram
1681 McLendon Ave. N.E. 30307
Rockit Salon
1604-A DeKalb Ave.
Iverson Park
1429 Iverson St. N.E. 30307
Candler Park Yoga
1630 DeKalb Ave. N.E. 30307
1238 Dekalb Ave. 30307
CrossFit RX
328-C Mell Ave. 30307
New Church UMC
1561 McClendon Ave. 30307
Health Inititiative
1530 DeKalb Ave., Suite A 30307
317 Nelms Ave. N.E. 30307
Georgia Equality
1530 DeKalb Ave. N.E. 30307
Candler Park Golf Course
585 Candler Park Drive N.E. 30307
Candler Park
1500 McLendon Ave. N.E. 30307
Jenny Henley Studio
280 Elizabeth St., Suite A-190 30307
paper ghost studio
1393 McLendon Ave. N.E. 30307
Horizons School
1900 DeKalb Ave. N.E. 30307
Gallery Miriam
2420 Candler Rd 30032
Abominable Sideshow
First Existentialist Congregation, 470 Candler Park Dr. NE 30307
Tough Love Yoga
1530 DeKalb Ave. 30307
Healium Center
344 Candler Park Drive 30307