Your Pretty Face Is Going to Hell' returns for second season

For those of you who dig hellfire, eternal damnation, and a little comedy

While it seems rather difficult to make the intense misery and suffering of others comical, the Adult Swim show "Your Pretty Face Is Going to Hell" manages to do just that. Since its debut in 2013, this dark comedy created by Casper Kelly and Dave Willis has gained a massive audience.

The two men behind "Pretty Face" seem just as giddy as fans about the show's return. "The first season, we really were just trying to see what worked and what didn't. This season, I think we've improved on every aspect," Willis says. "The writing is better. The directing is better. Even the acting."

The duo has worked on other projects while at Adult Swim. Kelly is the creator and director of "Too Many Cooks." Willis is the co-creator of "Squidbillies" and "Aqua Teen Hunger Force," which recently returned for its final season. Despite their other successful shows, Kelly and Willis are right to be excited about "Pretty Face." Season two will be 12 episodes of new characters, new locations, and new sadistically funny plotlines for the audience to enjoy.

Don't worry, Gary (Henry Zebrowski) will still be an excruciatingly incompetent demon, and Claude (Craig Rowin) will still be a gargantuan kiss-ass trying to impress Satan (Matt Servitto). Fans will also get to see some character development in the damned individuals they've come to know and love. "We do see some vulnerable sides to Satan this season. We see some vulnerable sides to Claude this season," Kelly says. "We might even get to see Gary come out on top once or twice."

For the first time, Gary will get to encounter some angels (played by Georgia native Jack McBrayer and Sarah Baker). There will also be a few lady-demons in Hell, but Gary won't be getting a satanic girlfriend any time soon, unfortunately. "The demons in Hell are pretty separated. While they do interact a little, there is still that boundary," Willis says. "If Satan allowed them to interact that would make Hell a little less unpleasant. He wants to keep it fully unpleasant," Kelly jokes.

Hell will also become kid-friendly. "We got to work with some kids. They were probably some of the best actors we've worked with," Willis says. "But, yeah, one poor kid gets dragged to Hell in a sack."

Besides the hodgepodge of new characters, Satan will also revamp his repertoire of torture tactics, so they'll be a plethora of new punishments that the demons endure. The first season will be hard to top, though. Remember the break room? Or the time Gary had to basically be a urinal? Kelly and Willis have made sure that the dark overlord will be just as merciless in season two. "The demons have a lot of good adventures. In one episode they get to trust fall into a vat of boiling urine. In another, they have a footrace down a hallway full of rusted razor blades," Willis says. They also shared that a giant spider impregnates one demon, but you'll have to wait and see that one for yourself.

Last season, the hellish setting where all this debauchery unfolded was mostly due to green screens. For season two, the "Pretty Face" crew shot some episodes in buildings around the metro area, including the Candler Mansion and the Yaarab Shrine. "Our producer found the Candler Mansion and just fell in love with it," Kelly says. The dilapidated mansion is a perfect fit for the show. However, the two casually mention a case of possible Hephaestus poisoning. "Yeah, we didn't know about the Hephaestus poising until it was too late and they were handing us the mask as we were going in," Willis says. Art requires suffering, right? Well, at least this show does.

"Your Pretty Face Is Going to Hell" airs Sun., July 12, at 12:15 a.m. on Adult Swim.

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